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Chairman and CEO George Halvorson Leads Health Care Discussions at World Economic Forum

(Updated Feb. 3 with link to video recording of closing session)

January 28, 2009

George C. Halvorson, Chairman and chief executive officer

George Halvorson

Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO George Halvorson will play a leading role in the health care discussions this week at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Halvorson, as chair of the Governors’ Meetings for Healthcare, is responsible for presiding over a series of health-related meetings and then presenting a summary to the full body at the World Economic Forum. The forum started Wednesday, Jan. 28, and concludes Sunday, Feb. 1. The theme is “Shaping the Post-Crisis World.”

Commonly referred to as “Davos,” the World Economic Forum brings together 2,500 of the world’s leading government, corporate, and community leaders and economists to discuss the challenges the world faces in the year ahead. The forum is organized into “Governors’ Meetings” by industry, with full sessions in which information from those meetings is shared.

Halvorson is serving as the first non-pharmaceutical company chair of the Governors’ Meetings for Healthcare. His critical message will focus on how the health care delivery system can be reformed in the post-economic crisis world. He also will participate in a panel discussion examining the worldwide epidemic of chronic disease as well as a second talk on the bottom-line benefits of employee health.

Kaiser Permanente’s participation at the World Economic Forum comes at an auspicious time. U.S. President Barack Obama has advanced health care reform as a key area of focus for his administration. In particular, President Obama’s focus on electronic health records aligns with Kaiser Permanente’s leadership in health information technology.

KP HealthConnect™ is the world’s largest civilian electronic health record. KP HealthConnect™ has replaced most paper medical records in Kaiser Permanente’s 421 medical offices. Kaiser Permanente’s 14,000 physicians and 100,000 nurses use the system to care for the organization’s 8.6 million members. More than 2 million Kaiser Permanente members use the organization’s personal health record, My Health Manager, to schedule appointments, view lab results, communicate via secure e-mail with their physicians, and complete other important tasks.

For more information, view the World Economic Forum 2009 Annual Meeting Web site.