California Diversity Council Honors Kaiser Permanente CIO Dick Daniels

Feature Story
Photo of Dick Daniels over the logo for the National Diversity Council

Each year, the National Diversity Council recognizes individuals who have made a difference for diversity and inclusion through their achievements and ability to excel in their field.

Dick Daniels, executive vice president and CIO, Kaiser Permanente, received the 2016 Multicultural Leader of the Year Award, presented at the recent Northern California Diversity and Leadership Conference. Honorees are recognized for demonstrating leadership excellence, sustaining a record of accomplishments and retaining a commendable reputation with colleagues and superiors.

“I am so honored to recognize Mr. Daniels with the 2016 Multicultural Leader of the Year,” said Dennis Kennedy, founder and chair of National Diversity Council. “His achievements inspire all people to pursue their dreams and strive for success.”

Kaiser Permanente has a longstanding commitment to leadership in diversity and inclusion. A core value for the organization is the promotion of an inclusive environment that values the diversity of our talented workforce and the communities we serve.

Daniels is known as a person who pursues what he believes is possible. This has been his philosophy throughout his career, and one that has benefited scores of people through his attention to multicultural leadership and his work as Kaiser Permanente’s CIO.

“Honoring diversity and being inclusive are cultural traits, and that starts at the top level of leadership. I feel I have the opportunity and the responsibility to set the right tone and lead by example,” said Daniels.

Daniels makes it a priority to take empowerment to the outside community through personal outreach efforts. These efforts deepen the professional dialog about diversity and inclusion, and encourage current and emerging leaders to become more conscious about how they nurture a diverse and inclusive workforce.

At their recent commencement, Year Up graduates in Oakland heard from Daniels. The organization helps close the opportunity divide by providing young, urban adults with skills, experience and support to help them reach their professional potential.

Daniels also serves as a board member of Playworks, a nonprofit organization that leverages the power of safe, fun and healthy play at school by creating a place where all kids feel included, can be active, and can build valuable social and emotional skills.

“One of the most powerful aspects of my involvement in diversity and inclusion is to be a great example. I’m thinking especially about the next generation,” said Daniels. “I want to share my story and my perspectives to help them see that it’s possible to reach their aspirations and goals. I also want to encourage people to invest in others, so everyone has the chance they need; and I mean everybody.”