In The Community

Family Violence Prevention Program

Additional Resources (LGBT, Deaf, Immigrant Women)

Resources for LGBT Relationships

CUAV (Community United Against Violence)

This website is from a San Francisco based organization.

The New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

On the left of the AVP homepage, choose Services, and then scroll down on the right of the page until you find Domestic Violence. Here you will find specific information for LGBT women and men.

The Northwest Network

Support and advocacy for bisexual, transgender, lesbian and gay survivors of abuse and dating violence. This Seattle-based website contains extensive information about LGBT and domestic violence.

Resources for the Deaf Community

Visit the DeafHope website for resources for the Deaf community. DeafHope is a nonprofit organization, established for and by deaf women. DeafHope aims to end domestic and sexual violence against Deaf women and children through empowerment, education and services.

Resources for Immigrant Women

Visit Futures without Violence for Questions and Answers for Immigrant Women.