Imelda Dacones, MD

President and CEO, Northwest Permanente P.C.

Photo of Imelda Dacones

Imelda Dacones, MD, is president and CEO of Northwest Permanente.

In her role, Dr. Dacones leads over 1,100 Northwest Permanente physicians and clinicians who provide care to more than half a million members of Kaiser Permanente in the Northwest Region.

Dr. Dacones joined Kaiser Permanente in 1999 as a primary care physician in Internal Medicine and became a hospitalist full time in 2002. In 2011, she served as the physician leader for the planning and opening of Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center. She became the chief of staff and chief medical officer of Westside Medical Center by the time the facility opened in 2013. Before becoming the CEO of Northwest Permanente, Dr. Dacones was also the regional chief medical officer and director of hospital operations for the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region.

Dr. Dacones received her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Chicago, where she also completed her internship and residency training.