Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy


Our Mission

The Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy’s mission is to shape policy and practice with evidence and experience from the nation’s largest private integrated health care delivery and financing organization.

Who We Are

Founded in 1999, the Institute draws on experts from a variety of backgrounds – physicians and other health care providers, clinical and health services researchers, public health professionals, economists, policy analysts, and communications experts.

What We Do: Foster Partnership – We build and manage relationships with thought leaders across our spheres of influence, Inform Policy – We inform current and emerging health policy priorities, Facilitate Conversation – We spark discourse and collaboration among leaders in the field. How We Do It: Engage – We leverage experts from a variety of backgrounds to explore public policies that cultivate healthy communities and accessible high-quality care, Analyze & Communicate – We conduct policy analyses to advance practices or understanding of complex concepts, and share findings broadly, Convene – We host and sponsor in-person and virtual forums, including engaging on social media and through webinars. Our work may complement, but does not include lobbying, direct advocacy, regulatory relations or issues management