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Research: It’s In Our Roots

Health research has been a focus of our clinicians and staff since the early 1940s. At the dedication of the Permanente Foundation Hospital in Oakland, Calif. in August 1942, Henry J. Kaiser said of the Health Plan that one of its key purposes was “…to provide funds for research.” And that’s still true today.

At our seven regional research centers and one national research center, more than 1,200 staff are working on epidemiological and health services studies that had funding of $192.6 million in 2012. In addition, our physicians and researchers conduct clinical trials of new drugs, medical devices and other therapies both through several organized clinical trial centers and independently.

Approximately 2,000 studies involving Kaiser Permanente clinicians and researchers are in progress at any given time. Our research centers and scientists comprise one of the largest nonacademic research programs in the United States.

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Effectiveness & Safety Research was created in 2009. Through investments in infrastructure and specific projects, the center takes advantage of Kaiser Permanente’s talented research teams, rich data assets, and integrated delivery system to contribute to the knowledge base in comparative effectiveness and safety.

The following research centers and partners conduct research on many different subjects, including:

  • the study and control of diseases,
  • the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major chronic diseases (such as cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, mental health, substance abuse), and
  • safety health care interventions (such as vaccines and medications).

Center for Health Research (Oregon, Hawaii and Georgia)

Department of Research and Evaluation (Pasadena, Calif.)

Division of Research (Oakland, Calif.)

Institute for Health Research (Denver)

Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute (Rockville, Md.)

While our health research guides our clinicians’ practice patterns and further enhances the medical care of our members, it also contributes to the wealth of medical knowledge worldwide.

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