Thinking Healthy

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is composed of executives who are committed to making strides in total health for our members.

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Kaiser Permanente national Leaders

  • Photo of Bernard Tyson

    Bernard J. Tyson

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser Permanente

  • Photo of John Cochran, MD.

    Jack Cochran, MD, FACS

    Executive director, The Permanente Federation, LLC

  • Photo of Greg Adams

    Gregory A. Adams

    Executive vice president, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan; Group president, Kaiser Permanente Northern California and Mid-Atlantic States; President, Kaiser Permanente Northern California

  • Photo of Benjamin Chu

    Benjamin K. Chu, MD, MPH, MACP

    Executive vice president, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan; Group president, Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Hawaii; President, Kaiser Permanente Southern California

  • Richard (Dick) D. Daniels, Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)

    Richard (Dick) D. Daniels

    Interim chief information officer

  • Kathy Landcaster, July 2013

    Kathy Lancaster

    Executive vice president and chief financial officer, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan

  • Photo of Donna Lynne, DrPH, Kaiser Permanente Colorado

    Donna Lynne, DrPH

    Executive vice president Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, Inc.; Group president, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Northwest and Hawaii; President, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado

  • Photo of Artie Southam, MD.

    Arthur M. Southam, MD, MBA, MPH

    Executive vice president, Health Plan Operations

  • Photo of Tony Barruetta

    Anthony A. Barrueta

    Senior vice president, Government Relations

  • Photo of Raymond Baxter

    Raymond J. Baxter, PhD

    Senior vice president, Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy

  • Photo of Chuck Columbus

    Chuck Columbus

    Senior vice president and chief Human Resources officer, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan

  • Any Compton-Phillips, MD

    Amy Compton-Phillips, MD

    Chief quality officer, The Permanente Federation, Kaiser Permanente

  • Patrick Courneya, MD

    Patrick T. Courneya, MD

    Executive vice president, Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery Excellence; chief medical officer, Medicare Advantage, Cost and Prescription Drug Plans

  • Photo of Chris Grant

    Chris Grant

    Senior vice president, Corporate Development, Care Delivery Strategy and Venture Investments

  • Photo of Scott Young, MD.

    Scott Young, MD

    Associate executive director, Clinical Care and Innovation, The Permanente Federation, Senior medical director and executive director, Care Management Institute

  • Photo of Mark Zemelan

    Mark S. Zemelman

    Senior vice president and general counsel