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The Powerful Untold Story of Walking Revealed in New Documentary Film

October 17, 2013

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OAKLAND, Calif. — The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other has significant health and environmental benefits that are explored in “The Walking Revolution,” a documentary film released today by Every Body Walk!  Powered by Kaiser Permanente, Every Body Walk! is a campaign and collaborative effort aimed at getting Americans up and moving.

“For too many people, much of the day is spent sitting in the car, at the desk or on the couch, which has serious health implications,” said Raymond J. Baxter, PhD, Kaiser Permanente senior vice president, Community Benefit, Research and Health Policy. “The film is sure to encourage people to get back on their feet, walking whenever and wherever they can — at work, at school, and in the community, all while getting involved in making their communities more walkable overall.

“The Walking Revolution” is a 30-minute documentary that details the health benefits of walking, what makes communities walkable, and how walking and walkability supports a healthier environment, strong local economies and a vibrant community life. Organized in five chapters that are roughly six minutes each in length, the film tackles:

  • The impact of inactivity
  • Eliminating walking from our culture
  • The evolution of man and walking
  • Walking to better health
  • Building walkable communities

Every Body Walk! was created to encourage the American public to walk (or roll, for those who are unable to walk), on a regular basis to improve their health and have fun in the process. The campaign is making great strides in helping to reverse our country’s current inactive — and unhealthy — lifestyle by reintroducing the enormous value of the simple exercise of walking.

The human body is built walk. The first step to reintegrating the notion of physical activity into societies is through education and motivation. If people understand how easy and simple it is to incorporate walking into their daily routine, they are more likely to do so. This documentary illustrates inspiring, personal experiences that help expand the way people think about the culture of walking and physical activity.  From the registered nurse who lost 70 pounds through incorporating a simple walking routine into his lifestyle, to the “Iverson Mall Walkers” who have kept up a routine of walking one hour a day, three times a week since 1989; these individual stories are shining examples of how a simple walking routine can dramatically improve health and wellness.

By refocusing our societies and reengineering our cities, we can slowly reverse the trend of immobility. Public awareness of the health benefits of walking is crucial and will have a long-term impact on economies, the overall health of the population and livability of our communities.

The film builds on rich content that supports the topic of walking, including an Every Body Walk! public service announcement, featuring the cast of the West Wing produced by online comedy platform Funny or Die. Every Body Walk! is also the content provider for City Walk, a six-part television series that airs on KCET/LinkTV. View full episdoes of City Walk.

“The Walking Revolution” is available at Every Body Walk! You can also watch the trailer on YouTube.

The film was produced by Rigler Creative, handcrafted digital media specialists, based in Pasadena, Calif.

About Every Body Walk!
Every Body Walk! is a campaign and collaborative that aims to get Americans up and moving. Through the help of more than 100 like-minded partner organizations, Every Body Walk! is spreading the word about the importance of adults walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week and 60 minutes every day for children. Visit for news and resources on walking, health information and walking tips and more.

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