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At Kaiser Permanente our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services, and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. For nearly 70 years one of the ways we’ve been carrying out our responsibility to our members and the communities where they live, work and play, is by our investments and partnerships with public hospitals, community health clinics, and other safety net institutions.

Our partnerships help fill coverage and access gaps, create high-impact programs and inform public policy. Hundreds of our safety-net partners have received scholarships for continuing education and quality-improvement training opportunities. And our training programs help enhance access, strengthen the safety net’s capacity, and support the development of effective chronic disease management and prevention programs.

Safety net institutions continue to be a critical partner in Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to promote health among our members and communities we serve and to provide patient- centered culturally competent care. Our core commitment will remain unchanged, as now and in the future the safety net will continue to be at the front lines of caring for the uninsured, underserved, and marginalized populations.


Winston F. Wong, M.D., M.S.
Medical Director, Community Benefit
Director, Disparities Improvement and Quality Initiatives

Dr. Winston Wong is responsible for developing partnerships with communities and organizations in advancing population management and evidence based medicine, with a particular emphasis on safety net providers and the elimination of health disparities. Dr. Wong has focused his professional career on addressing issues of the medically uninsured for over thirty years, having served as a primary care provider, a federal health administrator, a chief medical officer, an advisor and expert to a number of policy making bodies, and as a senior executive with the country’s largest integrated care provider. Dr. Wong, a graduate of UC Berkeley in Ethnic Studies, earned his Masters and medical degree from the UC Berkeley – UC SF Joint Medical Program, and completed his residency training in Seattle at Providence Medical Center.  He is a native San Franciscan, a Dragon Boat racer, and an avid San Francisco Giants season ticket holder.


Cecilia O. Echeverria, MPP, MPH
Director, Safety Net Partnerships

In her role a director of Safety Net Partnerships, Cecilia Echeverría helps accelerate safety net grant initiatives, technical assistance, and the development and spread of safety net partnerships across Kaiser Permanente’s eight regions and at the national level.  Cecilia has a bachelor of arts in social welfare, a Master’s in public policy, and a Master’s in public health from University of California, Berkeley. She is an alumnus of the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship program and in 2012 she was selected as a participant in the Grantmakers in Health Terrance Keenan Institute for Emerging Leaders in Health Philanthropy.


Coralie Chan, MPH
Executive Consultant

In her role at Kaiser Permanente National Community Benefit, Coralie Chan supports the advancement of population health through strategies that advance health equity and clinical excellence.  Partnering with innovators to design and implement strategies such as ALL/PHASE and behavioral health interventions, Coralie’s role is to incubate and scale. With a background in health services research, Coralie received her Master’s in public health from Columbia University.


Rebecca Hambright, MSW, MPH
Principal Consultant

As program lead for Kaiser Permanente’s National Community Benefit department, Rebecca Hambright partners with the Institute for Healthcare improvement to manage the KP Sponsored Safety Net IHI Endowment.  Over the past seven years the Endowment has provided 2,000 scholarships allowing safety net clinicians and staff to access IHI’s innovative programs.  The majority of Rebecca’s career at Kaiser Permanente has been working in population health, quality, performance improvement, and operations consulting.  Rebecca has a master’s in social welfare, and a Master’s in public health from University of California, Berkeley.