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Care and Coverage

We lower financial barriers for uninsured and underinsured individuals to receive medical care. Our charitable care and coverage plans served nearly 8,500 people in 2012.

Bridge Plan

We collaborate with local governments and community-based not-for-profit organizations to provide health coverage for uninsured families in need. The Bridge Plan helps those who cannot afford health coverage for reasons such as a change in job status or income.

Bridge Plan members pay a small premium to receive medical care from Kaiser Permanente providers, and we cover nearly all of the costs. In 2012, we served nearly 6,000 people in the Bridge Plan.

For more information regarding the Bridge Plan, including eligibility requirements and contact information of our local partners, visit www.kpbridge.org.

Children’s Health Care Partnerships

Community partners help us identify uninsured children who are ineligible for public health care programs. Children enrolled in local child health programs receive free primary care services at Kaiser Permanente medical centers.

More than 2,500 children relied on Kaiser Permanente in 2012, ensuring our communities’ most vulnerable members received access to quality medical care.

This program is offered in the following counties:

  • Montgomery County, Md. – (301) 628-3442
  • Prince George’s County, Md. – (301) 883-7858
  • Fairfax County, Va. – (703) 324-5182
  • Prince William County, Va. – (703) 792-7348

Medical Financial Assistance

Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Financial Assistance (MFA) program provides financial assistance for qualifying patients who need help paying for emergency or medically necessary care they receive in a Kaiser Permanente facility by a Kaiser Permanente provider.  Patients must fill out an application to apply and must meet the eligibility requirements listed below to qualify.

Who is eligible for Financial Assistance and what are the requirements?

The program helps low-income, uninsured, or underserved patients who need help paying for all or part of their medical care.  Patients are eligible for financial assistance when their Family Income is at or below 350% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG).  Evaluation of other criteria may be required.  Patients should consult with a Medical Financial Assistance Specialist to determine eligibility and for assistance applying.  Any patient who meets special circumstance criteria may be eligible for financial assistance.

Patients who are eligible for medical financial assistance will not be charged more than amounts generally billed (AGB) for emergency or other medically necessary care to patients with insurance (AGB, as defined by IRS Section 501(r)).

What does the program cover?

The Medical Financial Assistance program covers medically necessary care provided at a Kaiser Permanente medical office or pharmacy, and provided by a Kaiser Permanente physician or Kaiser Permanente provider.  The types of services not covered are premiums and dues; optical and hearing aids; cosmetic and non-urgent services.

How do I apply?

You may download the application.  In addition to English, the application is available in Spanish and Vietnamese.

You can also get an application in the following ways:

  • Call the Medical Financial Assistance Department at 1-301-816-6615 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Visit the Medical Financial Assistance Department or the Administration office at your local Medical Center Building
  • Send a request for an application (at no cost) to 2101 East Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20852-9468

Please mail completed applications (including all required documentation and information specified in the application instructions) to 2101 East Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20852-9468, or deliver in person to your local Medical Center Building.

We will review submitted applications only once they are complete and we will determine whether you are eligible according to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Financial Assistance Policy. We will not consider incomplete applications, but will notify and provide you an opportunity to send in the missing documentation or information, by the required deadline.

Is there language assistance?

Interpreters are available to you at no cost.  The Medical Financial Assistance application, policy, and this policy summary may be available in your language.  For more information, call 1-301-816-6615.

How can I get a copy of Kaiser Permanente’s Financial Assistance policy? 

You may download the policy that sets the requirements for Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Financial Assistance.  You may also request your free copy of Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Financial Assistance policy by calling 1-301-816-6615, or by mailing a request to 2101 East Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20852-9468.

You may also download a plan language summary of the policy here.  The policy is also available in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Need help?

For help or questions about the Medical Financial Assistance application process, please call 1-301-816-6615, or speak to a Medical Financial Assistance Specialist within the MFA Department or the Administration office at your local Medical Center Building.

Community Health Initiatives

We design and fund programs that engage communities to change conditions in neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and health centers, with a focus on healthy eating and active living (HEAL). Read more about our community health initiatives, such our work in the Port Towns area of Prince George’s County, Md.

Safety Net Partnerships

We offer expertise and resources to community clinics, local health departments, and public hospitals; and we view these organizations as an essential window onto our communities.

Educational Theatre Programs

Kaiser Permanente’s signature Educational Theatre Programs (ETP) present live theatrical performances – free of charge – to educate and inspire school children around the region about healthy lifestyles. To learn more or request a performance, visit www.etpmidatlantic.org or call (301) 902-1210.

Corporate Citizenship

We aim to be health care industry leaders in corporate philanthropy and employee volunteerism.  We seek partnerships and alliances with like-minded organizations working to develop solutions to our region’s health concerns and issues. Our funding and thought partners are a valuable part of our investment and engagement in communities throughout the region.