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Community Benefit is part of Kaiser Permanente’s social mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. We do this through programs, services, grants and strategic partnerships. Our idea of health care goes far beyond the walls of our medical facilities, and into the communities we serve. Below are some of the programs Community Benefit offers.

To learn more about our work in the community, visit the Kaiser Permanente of Georgia Community Benefit website.

Educational Theatre Programs

Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program helps children, teens and adults to make informed decisions about their health through live performances presented free of charge to schools and community organizations. Programs are usually performed on school campuses and are open to the public. To learn more or request a performance, please visit the Educational Theatre Program’s websites.

Care and Coverage Programs


As a non-profit health plan we have a responsibility to support health improvement for our members and for underserved people in our service area. One way we help meet community need is by participating in Medicaid. We provide Kaiser Permanente pediatric care to Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) participants through contracts with two Medicaid care management organizations.

Bridge Program

The Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program is a charitable health coverage program available in the Georgia Region. It offers low-income, uninsured individuals residing in households at or below 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) access to health care through a subsidized insurance program.

To learn more, visit the Kaiser Permanente of Georgia Bridge website.

Medical Financial Assistance Program

Improving health care access for those with limited incomes and resources is fundamental to Kaiser Permanente’s mission. Our Medical Financial Assistance program (MFA) helps low-income and underserved patients receive access to care. The program provides temporary financial assistance to patients who receive health care services from our providers, regardless of whether they have health coverage or are uninsured.

Through our charity care program, Kaiser Permanente is committed to

  • offering  financial counseling to determine if a patient is eligible for public assistance or Kaiser Permanente financial assistance,
  • providing affordable care to low-income people for medically necessary services provided at our facilities and through our providers, and
  • not taking legal action for nonpayment of medical bills against any person who is unemployed and without other significant income.

Who’s Eligible for Medical Financial Assistance?

  • Eligibility is based on financial need. In general, people whose household income is at or below 250 percent, of the federal poverty level are eligible for the MFA program. Families or individuals with higher incomes may qualify on a case-by-case basis.
  • Patients who do not qualify for the MFA program, and whose income is at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, may be eligible for the Discount Payment Program for partial financial assistance.
  • Patients who have experienced a catastrophic event may be eligible under special circumstances, regardless of household income.

Please note, the MFA program is not a form of health insurance and can’t be used to subsidize premiums. Read our Medical Financial Assistance Policy.

How do I know if my income level meets the guidelines for Medical Financial Assistance?

View the federal poverty guideline table [PDF 60 KB]

Please note that for uninsured patients, charges for emergency and medically necessary care are limited to no more than amounts generally billed to Kaiser members or the Medicare reimbursement rates.

How can I learn more about the Medical Financial Assistance Program and how to enroll?

To learn more about the MFA program and how to enroll, please read our MFA Brochure or speak with a Financial Counselor at one of our medical centers.  You may also call (404) 949-5112.

MFA Brochure (English Version)

MFA Brochure (Spanish Version)

If you are in need of medical financial assistance, you may apply directly for Kaiser Permanente’s MFA Program. Download the application in the following languages: EnglishSpanish.